COVID-19, otherwise known as Corona virus, has been wrecking havoc across the globe and Nigeria is not an exception. With countless people practicing “social distancing”, and staying at home, we care to ask how this is affecting your PR and marketing strategies.

Perhaps, you’re already being affected directly by COVID-19 in your day-to-day business, maybe you’ve had to cancel or postpone important events, started working from home, or implemented daily cleaning routines within your company.

But then, what about when it comes to your PR and marketing activities? What strategies have you fashioned out to move with the new trends of things? I trust you know that post-COVID would bring about a paradigm shift, in how businesses would be ran? And proactivity is essential, in order not to be left behind.

So, we would like to share some things you need to know, and do during this difficult time to help you come out stronger.

1. COVID-19 has redefined how businesses would run, going forward. It has changed the face of marketing strategies and content.

2. Content – Creativity #Creatent: What you say and How you say it, is the new direction/thrust post-COVID. Hence, being creative with your content is very essential.

3. Strategic Spending is the new normal for businesses. How strategic are you about your human and material resources?

4. In addition, COVID-19 has led to a new consumer behavior. Hence, at Ace23 Media, we aim at creating benefits for faster consumer insights, which would help to connect with targets with a full understanding of their ‘new normal’.

5. Also, Ace-23 aligns with The Theory of Economic Development published in 1911 which says: “…after sometime of depression, new entrepreneurs emerges…”.
Post COVID would bring about new strides, a mind shift and innovative thinking. How intentional are you about this?

Ace23 – we think…you grow